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Our Services

S & S Associates offers a range of Executive Search and HR Consulting services. We have three decades of multi domain experience in creating pragmatic solutions for complex HR challenges


Organizations depend upon capable leadership to guide them through the minefield of unprecedented change. Yet some of the most respected organizations are unable to adapt or prepare for what lies ahead. The ensuing turmoil that results has a direct correlation with the quality of leadership.

S&S Associates aims at helping senior leaders and teams of organizations to achieve unparalleled levels of performance by ensuring that the right executives are in the right roles and by providing developmental recommendations to ensure future leaders are prepared for ensuing challenges.

Our Assessments services are particularly effective in situations relating to mergers or acquisitions, changes in senior management, succession planning, and identification of senior executive development needs.

Assessment Services:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Team-based Assessments

Board Services

The expectations placed on Boards today by shareholders, regulators, the capital markets etc. are immense. In response to heightened shareholder activism and increased involvement of all stakeholders Boards have placed greater emphasis on the governance process; including the selection of the Board and the CEO. A global perspective, adaptability, accountability, integrity and strategic acumen are some of the traits companies look for in Directors. Considering these complexities finding executives with these qualities can be a daunting task, which makes a discreet search necessary.

We, at S&S Associates, offer a holistic approach, which helps Boards to recruit the right Director with the right skills sets, as well as, help maximize the effectiveness of the existing Directors. We understand that the requirements of each organisation is unique, which is why we customize the process of finding world-class leaders according to the clients’ specific needs.

Family Owned Business Advisory

Leading and managing a family-owned business is tricky with multiple complexities to manage. You need members on the Board who can look beyond family ties and move ahead with an unbiased and practical approach for the overall well-being and profitability of the organisation. Family-owned businesses need members and directors that are adept, alert and have strong decision-making skills. As finding such professionals is a difficult task, organisations are turning to external advisors for help.

S & S Associates has been helping family businesses- large and small, in finding such directors whose strategic governance and business acumen can lead the company towards long-term success.